In January 2017, we launched a new initiative within Crossbridge: a monthly Team-Serendipity-Moment (TSM). We can already hear you think: “Serendi.., what??" 

Dear reader, let us introduce to you ‘Serendipity’: (n.) an unexpected event that makes you happy.

Each TSM has the purpose to trigger a smile on our colleagues’ faces. Therefore, each month someone of the Crossbridge-team is responsible to bring a pleasant surprise or create a mini teambuilding activity. To add an extra surprise factor to the TSM, the TSM-responsible has been selected anonymously.

We must admit, the previous TSM’s proved that our colleagues can be quite creative. The first TSM was organized by Miek: to prepare ourselves for the national 'Tournee Mineral' campaign in February, she created an alcohol-free SOS-kit for each of us. This kit included the recipe and all necessary ingredients to make a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail.

A couple of weeks later, our intern Laurien surprised everyone with a personalised compliment jar. This jar contains 52 compliments, one for each week of the year. A year full of smiles ensured!

The TSM of March was about FOOD, what else?! Food has always been able to put smiles on people’s faces (especially on Crossbridgers’ faces), so Marjolijn provided us with a delicious and copious lunch!

The TSM of this month, well, good question… Actually we have no idea what it will be. The only information that we got, is that it’s been scheduled on May 29th on a secret location. Other than this, the next TSM is still shrouded in mystery. You’re curious? So are we!

Stay tuned to find out more!