About a Crossbridge internship

During the past few months, we had the pleasure to welcome Celine and Harris in our Crossbridge team. Unfortunately, their internships are over, but they wrote a blogpost to share their experiences with you!


Looking back on my internship at Crossbridge – Celine Junius

Being a student in Business Communications (which are very general studies), the path that I’ll take after my studies can go many different ways, which makes it quite blurry which one would suit me best. The past four months, I did an internship at Crossbridge. With their help, training and guidance, they gave me the opportunity to have a wonderful internship and to clear things out. 

First of all, the tasks I carried out weren’t determined only by the company’s needs but also by the goals I wanted to reach as an intern. For me, this was learning in the field of HR, as well as learning about marketing. So they taught me everything I needed to know about talent attraction, coaching and the content of different functions on the one hand, and setting up a marketing plan, implementing branding actions and creating content on the other hand. Working in an environment where no question asked was too much, feedback came naturally and everybody carried a great passion for their job within them, inspired me a lot.

Another great learning school for me was getting to know the way businesses work. I experienced first hand how much Crossbridge lives by its 6 values and how important that is. Transparency being one of them, they were also very open about their business. I found it very interesting when Raf gave us insight in Crossbridge’s present situation as well as their business strategy for the coming years.

The most valuable thing they offered me, however, was discovering what I would like to do with my future. It never ceases to amaze me how talented the Crossbridgers are in coaching youngsters to find which job and company culture suits them. They did this for me as well and I even found my first job with their help, guidance and support! 

The time, effort and thoughts the Crossbridgers spend on their interns, as well as the trust they give them and the way they value their initiative, is admirable. I couldn’t have wished for a better internship!  


My Crossbridge Experience - Harris Van der Stighelen

I first came into contact with Crossbridge in my second year at university, via my student association Ekonomika. Back then, I was responsible for the practical organization of the Crossbridge workshops. I remember vividly the way Raf & Sofie presented about networking really triggered me to start building my own network and to explore my future career possibilities.

A few years later I heard that Crossbridge was looking for an intern in the marketing department. Based on the good connection I had with them, I applied for the internship (while being very stressed out). No moment have I regretted the decision I made back then. Although my presence at the office remained quite limited, I really enjoyed the way of working, the manner of handling things and especially the people themselves!

During my marketing internship, I’ve worked on developing a marketing strategy and plan for both Shortlist & Crossbridge. Through determining the journey that youngsters have to take before starting their first work experience, we try to reach youngsters in an optimal and relevant way and to guide them through the whole job application process.  By organizing some quality conversation moments with different groups of youngsters, we try to start from their needs regarding taking steps towards the labor market, to learn which information they need in the process of finding their dream job.

As my internship recently came to an end, I certainly want to thank the whole Crossbridge team for the warm welcome! I could not have wished for a better place to have my first exposure to “the real working life”! 

What Millennials want: Kara's findings on Millennials' professional preferences

For her master thesis, our former intern Kara researched the preferences of Millennials during their search for a new professional challenge. Curious about her experiences and findings? Keep reading!

I did my internship at Crossbridge from May until the beginning of July. A very fun period in which I learned a lot. In my first weeks, I already felt part of the team and learned that I had found an internship that perfectly fits my personality and needs. The following weeks, I started working on my master’s thesis. Since I knew what I need in a job or internship, I also wanted to know what other millennials are searching for. Do they want stability, a sound salary or a good location? What I also wanted to know was: where do they look for that dream job?

Since Crossbridge is working together primarily with youngsters that have a working experience of one to five years, they became my target group. I interviewed a few of them and distributed a survey via LinkedIn, Facebook and email.

Yet, that was not the hardest part. After collecting all the answers, I needed to analyze them. I had just started working so combining a thesis and full-time work turned out to be challenging. Ironically, “challenge” became one of the key words of my thesis. Millennials are looking for challenge in a job and see a lack of it as one of the main drivers for a job change.

The importance of the word “challenge” continues as contacting a millennial is not a piece of cake. They do not like to be contacted via intrusive communication methods, that is: via the telephone or Facebook. They prefer to be notified about a vacancy via LinkedIn or email. Yet, here the challenge is to really grab them with an offer that suits their profile and a personalised mail.

These, and other conclusions that I could draw from my data, I presented at the end of August. It was very comforting for me to see that Charline and Simon had come to support me. I would like to thank them and all the other Crossbridgers for the amazing internship!

Building futures together

For Crossbridgers, teambuilding always means a combination of valuable lessons, productive brainstorming, fun activities and good food!

Starting with an inspirational kick-off session covering important trends for the future, Raf challenged us to think about how Crossbridge can continue meeting your needs in an uncertain and ever changing agile world. The major takeaway: if you think in different scenarios and multiple futures, you can eliminate uncertainty – at least to some extent.

After all noses pointed in the same future-oriented direction, we were ready for a brainstorming session. Main topic: “How to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world?”.

With our heads full of ideas, it was time for action! Together, we concurred a via ferrata, an eight-metre high ropes course and a death ride. Encouraged by the other Crossbridgers, some of us bravely faced their biggest fears and Manon, one of our youngest interns, amazed everyone by climbing one of the steepest cliffs. Afterwards, we enjoyed a warm and cosy campfire and were spoiled with a delicious barbecue.

The teambuilding made one thing clear: fed with tons of ideas, Crossbridge is up to so much new and ready for the future! So stay tuned… ;-)


Shortlist: predictor of a rewarding job ànd internship

Early November I started looking for an internship. I wanted to learn something new and at the same time make usage of my languages and communicative skills. Crossbridge turned out to be the perfect match. The internship gives me insights into recruitment and people in general and I get to create content.

I also got to know Shortlist, the online orientation platform designed by Crossbridge. It helps last-year students and young graduates to find a concrete career direction. As a last-year student I wanted to test it myself because I did not really know what type of job or company would suit me best. Now looking back to it, I see that there are great similarities between my responsibilities as an intern and what my perfect job would look like.

Shortlist suggested that, in an ideal world, I should work in a company with teamwork and autonomy. Contradictory, isn’t it? Yet, it is indeed exactly what I need and what this internship is all about. While searching people for a position I reflect with other Crossbridgers, but when I am rewriting texts I get a portion of me-time and independence..

Now let’s talk about the competences Shortlist suggested for me. Besides working independently, I love planning and time management. I am a real to-do list lover. Because I can work from home at least once a week, I can plan the day by myself, making usage of my planning skills.

My background and my first love will always remain languages. As much of our communication is in English, I also get to use my linguistic talent. 

At Crossbridge, an intern is never the one who makes coffee. First of all, we have a machine for that. Secondly, interns are really implemented in the full project, from A to Z. I am responsible for the search of potential candidates but I will also assist during intake conversations. The other Crossbridgers keep  me updated on the candidates too.  

Shortlist also mentioned I should look for a job that involves proactive thinking, as that is really something that suits me. I had a few brainstorm sessions on marketing and communication campaigns and I hope that I will have many more of them in the coming weeks.  

The list of dream jobs Shortlist suggested turns out to be spot on. My internship at Crossbridge is a mix of recruitment and selection officer and marcom officer. I really get the best of both worlds. 

As you can see, Shortlist got a perfect image of who I am and what I am looking for in a job. This internship gives me exactly what I need and I am already looking forward to the following weeks. 



My first few weeks at Crossbridge

I first came across Crossbridge in my search for a Junior Consulting project. As soon as I walked into the office for my interview, I noticed the warm atmosphere and felt right at home. After an introduction to the project and a few tests and conversations, I went home hoping to receive a call. A few days later, I got the wonderful news that I could start my consulting project at Crossbridge. I was really looking forward to leaving school and starting to work on something more tangible.

My project revolves around the marketing strategy and campaign for Shortlist, a state-of-the-art digital platform that helps students orient themselves toward the job market. Shortlist answers questions like ‘what kind of job gives me energy?’, ‘what kind of company will make me feel at home?’, or ‘in what job can I combine my people skills and analytical competencies?’ and matches students with a list of jobs that fit their personality, interests and skills.
In February 2018, my first day at Crossbridge finally arrived. We met with the whole team in the office at the beautiful Ghelamco Arena in Ghent. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get to know the team. After a long day of inspiring meetings and some tasty Thai food, I was completely ready to start the project. For the remainder of my first week, I mainly got to know the company and the project better. I talked with a lot of people to gain insight into the daily activities. I also learned that Crossbridge is one big family: everyone helps everyone, and it’s especially the little things that make the difference. 

In the next weeks, my schedule was filled with exciting activities: I set up a survey for students, brainstormed about online campaigns, created offline events and made movies, among many other things. I also got the chance to follow some of Crossbridge’s workshops and received some interesting tips and tricks myself. A perfect elevator pitch or a personalized résumé don’t hold any secrets for me anymore! The great thing about working at Crossbridge is that there is a very open and entrepreneurial culture. I am encouraged to offer my own ideas, plan my activities and take matters into my own hands. I am constantly challenged to push further and make this project great.

Now, 6 weeks later, I feel 100% part of the team and I’m even more convinced about the value that Crossbridge and Shortlist offer students. I am sure that the next couple of months will be amazing and Shortlist’s launch (which is fastly approaching) will be a great success!

Looking back before flashing forward

January, not only the start of a new month or a new quarter. No, it’s more than that: it’s the beginning of a new year. But before expressing our wishes for 2018, we’d like to stand still for just one moment to have a lookback at 2017: a year full of changes and big moments.

2017, the year in which we introduced ‘Serendipity’ in our work life. Serendi.. what?? Want to know more about it? Click here to satisfy your curiosity: https://crossbridge.be/nieuws#blogitem403

2017, the year in which we decided to develop Crossbridge’s core values. In team, we figured out what we stand for, what we believe in and what we strive for. The results of quite some team brainstorm sessions are the next 6 corporate values: We trust in transparency; We take ownership; We partner; We go the extra mile; We think ahead; We care. Stay tuned to our website to get to know what they exactly mean to us.

2017, the year in which we had to say goodbye to our intern Laurien, but also the year in which we had the pleasure to welcome Simon as intern at our Leuven office. To read more about his adventure, click here: https://crossbridge.be/nieuws#blogitem432

2017, the year in which we moved our Ghent office from the city center to the MeetDistrict in the Ghelamco arena. A big step, a great change. We’re surrounded by more than 100 other companies, including amazing people.

2017, the year in which we launched our digital orientation platform. After many hours of (team)work and a lot of coffees, we are extremely proud of the end result. This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support of K.U.Leuven and Panenco.

And last but not least: 2017, the year in which we helped so many young people to take the next step on their career path. We hope they’re doing great and are having a lot of pleasure at their job.


In 2018 Crossbridge will strive even more to fulfill its mission: being a trusted advisor. Next to that, we’ll be glad to welcome two new interns: Kara will join the Ghent office as HR-intern and Joey will join the Leuven office for a marketing internship.


The Crossbridge team wishes you all an amazing, healthy, successful and delightful 2018!

New Challenge!

Not afraid of taking on new challenges? Neither are Crossbridgers! And that’s exactly why we joined the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

Our team captain, Marjolijn, is speaking:

“Fasten your seat bells, put on your comfy shoes, add a smile and off we go!”

As team captain, I’m guiding the Crossbridgers through the Global Challenge that started in September for a period of 100 (yes, hun-dred) days! Together with plenty of other employees from all over the world, we’re on a journey. Not just a journey, but a great imaginary travel around the world with the purpose to improve our physical ànd psychological health.

By counting and collecting our daily steps, we’re walking around the world to discover new places but also the healthy versions of ourself. Boring, you think? Well no (!), listen: we took off at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I suppose you can imagine that it’s not that easy for a captain to get everyone on board, but as Crossbridgers are always going the extra mile, those first 4300 steps to cross the bridge, were easily collected. And so the journey began. We went to New Mexico, the Niagara falls, Montreal, Philadelphia, Havana and so on. Today, on the 72th day, we’re walking around at the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. How beautiful can a journey be? And what a great motivation: the more steps we take, the more locations all over the world we imaginary unlock.

Next to the walking part, in a following stage, I’ll have to motivate the team to focus on healthy food and a good night of sleep. Great challenges ahead, also as captain!

I can hear you think: does this work? Well, as today is the 72th day of our challenge, I must admit: we take more steps a day than we did before and we start eating healthier. Efforts become habits. Over all, we are feeling better and this also contributes to our (already great) team spirit. And as you all know: happy employees lead to bigger successes!

Curious about where this journey leads us? We too, stay tuned! 


Crossbridge seen through the eyes of Simon: our splendid intern!

Stepping inside an office where I had been only once for my interview a half year ago and meeting the people that would be my new colleagues for the next 7 months… That certainly is exciting but I have to admit that it was also a little scary. But well it took those new colleagues about 2 minutes to make me feel comfortable. Everybody was open and available for all kinds of questions. Receiving me didn’t seem like a formal obligation, it felt really natural. What I’ve noticed in the couple of weeks that I have been working here, is that every student that comes here for an open coaching interview is treated in the same open, spontaneous way. Just like me, the students that come here quickly give the impression that they feel at ease. In my opinion this results from a core difference that distinguishes Crossbridge from selection agencies. Here people really care about young talent. It’s not an empty slogan, it is a value shared by all the people that work here. This means the focus is not on looking for a quick match to fill a vacancy. No, here they have an eye for the person behind his/her talent. What organizational culture would fit this student? What kind of job characteristics would fit this person ? And much more... Nobody becomes a number here. It’s not only positive for the young talents themselves, this is also a far more sustainable way for companies to attract employees.

The people here at Crossbridge have different backgrounds but they all combine warmth with competency. Both are necessary in a job like this. Observing my colleagues during work really motivates me to become like them. Gaining the candidates’ confidence by genuinely showing interest and being able to analyze candidates with great precision are skills I hope to learn from them.

Not only the interaction with candidates, but also internally there were some things that caught my attention. They actively invest in the relations between them. You can find an example of this if you read the article about serendipity on the website. Crossbridge and its people succeed in making the office feel like a small home away from home. Just like the young talents that walk in here, I think also everybody who works here feels quickly at ease. And with this, the circle of my first impressions is completed. Caring for your clients and colleagues goes hand in hand, because that is the prevailing culture here. 


Are you our EDEN HAZARD?

Big changes ahead: In August we're moving to the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent and we're looking forward to start 
this adventure with an enthusiastic intern by our side!


Our wishlist:

  • Tactical skills

        You have strong planning skills (analytical and structured way of working)

  • Passion for the game

        Your enthusiasm, drive and passion will inspire youngsters, and colleagues

  • Speed and athleticism

        You are what we like to call an intrapreneur: you take initiative and act pro-active 

  • Team Spirit

        You are a flawless teamplayer and want to become part of an open company culture
        Empathy is your middle name, you have the capacity to understand people

  • Winning attitude

        You like to work result oriented, and have a will to succeed

  • Training

        You have a business or engineering background


Interested? Don't hesitate to get in touch with your new team captain and send your resume to info@crossbridge.be!

Young talent in the picture

Barbara Danneels completed last year her master’s in Multilingual Business Communication and we had the pleasure to welcome her as our intern! After her graduation, we helped her finding the perfect match on the labour market. Now, one year later, we contacted her with the question to share her experiences so far, and we wouldn’t want to keep her beautiful story from you!

There you are, finally graduated from university, finally done studying for hours in a row, spending hours writing and re-writing your dissertation: free at last… or not? This last step towards full adulthood feels threatening to most graduating students, 1 year and 2 months ago I was one of them. Let me take you on my journey into the world of the working people.

I chose to study languages and literature. Once I graduated (after an additional master in multilingual business communication) I did not feel ready to start working at all. But not only did I not feel ready, I also had no clue whatsoever what it was I wanted to do. A few months past and when February came around the corner I realised that I needed some professional guidance in my search for my first job. Thanks to my internship at Crossbridge I knew exactly where to go.

During the 3 months I had worked at Crossbridge I had gotten to know the company and the people who work there. I had chosen to do my internship in the recruitment business because I hoped to find out more about which positions there were on the market and what companies were looking for exactly when they put out a vacancy. Already from day 1 I realised I had a completely wrong idea about the whole recruitment and selection process. Whereas I initially thought that companies would be mostly interested by the kind of degree(s) and work experience of the candidates, I quickly learned that more than anything it was personality and a person’s unique blend of talents that mattered most. And this is exactly what makes Crossbridge stand out from other recruitment companies: they look at you as a unique blend of personal skills and talents, not as a number with a certain kind of degree. Day in day out, the whole Crossbridge team selects, recruits, guides and trains freshly graduated students and young talents and help them discover their own unique combination of talents.

Since I had worked for them, the Crossbridge team already knew what kind of person I was and therefore they knew exactly where I would most likely fit in. They had more confidence in me than I had in myself at that time. They knew that I would blend in perfectly in a company like Worldline, where there is mutual respect between colleagues and room to grow for young talents. It is a company with an open communication, friendly atmosphere and pleasant work environment. A company where someone with my type of personality would feel comfortable enough to take on new and exciting challenges and build on her personal and professional skills.

The fact that they had faith in me, gave me back the confidence I needed to take on the job. Although the first few months were quite stressful, there has not been one moment since I started working for Worldline that I have regret my choice. And I am still grateful to Raf, Marleen, Eva, Patricia, Marjolijn and the other members of the Crossbridge team for giving me the opportunity and believing in me. Without them I would not be where I am today in my professional career. To all those who are afraid that they won’t find a job, lack the degree or experience to enter the workplace: trust me, you have no reason to. Everyone has his/her own talents and experiences, and companies need a mixture of everything. There will always be a place for every kind of person, no matter which degree you have. Or as my very wise manager Hans likes to put it: “people buy from people”. And I couldn’t agree more.




In January 2017, we launched a new initiative within Crossbridge: a monthly Team-Serendipity-Moment (TSM). We can already hear you think: “Serendi.., what??" 

Dear reader, let us introduce to you ‘Serendipity’: (n.) an unexpected event that makes you happy.

Each TSM has the purpose to trigger a smile on our colleagues’ faces. Therefore, each month someone of the Crossbridge-team is responsible to bring a pleasant surprise or create a mini teambuilding activity. To add an extra surprise factor to the TSM, the TSM-responsible has been selected anonymously.

We must admit, the previous TSM’s proved that our colleagues can be quite creative. The first TSM was organized by Miek: to prepare ourselves for the national 'Tournee Mineral' campaign in February, she created an alcohol-free SOS-kit for each of us. This kit included the recipe and all necessary ingredients to make a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail.

A couple of weeks later, our intern Laurien surprised everyone with a personalised compliment jar. This jar contains 52 compliments, one for each week of the year. A year full of smiles ensured!

The TSM of March was about FOOD, what else?! Food has always been able to put smiles on people’s faces (especially on Crossbridgers’ faces), so Marjolijn provided us with a delicious and copious lunch!

The TSM of this month, well, good question… Actually we have no idea what it will be. The only information that we got, is that it’s been scheduled on May 29th on a secret location. Other than this, the next TSM is still shrouded in mystery. You’re curious? So are we!

Stay tuned to find out more! 


Figs after easter

Figs after Easter don’t work anymore these days. Being proactive is crucial in all aspects of business – and is more than ever true in the ‘War for talent’.

Young talented people in sales, marketing, supply chain, IT and other specific areas get plenty of job offers before they even graduate.  Once they have their first working experience, it’s even harder to attract and retain them.

In order to help you win this war for talent and to attract successful ‘keepers’, we decided to bring our pro-cruitment services to the next level. We have the pleasure to announce two new Crossbridge services:

  • Campus pro-cruitment.  If you’re looking for ambitious youngsters to join your company as of this summer, you may need to act now. We have been coaching more than 1000 graduating students since September. The coming weeks, we will get back in touch with them. If you’re part of the program, we proactively position your company and screen for potential matches. Do you want to participate? Get in touch with Eva: eva@crossbridge.be, 0479 49 45 27.
  • Career relaunch. We celebrated our 5th anniversary last year, so quite some talented youngsters that have been coached by Crossbridge in the past have an outstanding first working experience. As a trusted advisor we know who these high potentials are and what they want. If you want to attract talented youngsters with a first working experience (1-4 years), you might want to use our career relaunch service. Marleen will be happy to provide you with more information: marleen@crossbridge.be or 0495 64 38 28.


Are you ready to build your future? We are. 

Crossbridge Cares, our contribution to the Planet

Serendipity, ‘that unexpected meeting that changes your life’. Onverwacht geluk. Daar willen we bij Crossbridge deel van uitmaken! Niet enkel binnen onze organisatie, maar ook in het grotere geheel. Onder de noemer ‘Crossbridge Cares’ hebben we dan ook de beslissing genomen ons sociaal te engageren ten voordelen van de maatschappij in zijn geheel! Zo kwamen we bij het initiatief om elke maand onszelf te challengen in diverse onderwerpen en enkele maatschappelijke waarden een duwtje in de juiste richting te geven.  Wij hopen op deze manier ons steentje bij te dragen aan een gebalanceerde samenleving.


Voor de ‘Sustainable Challenge’ van november werd een vleesvrije-week gekozen. In dit initiatief zullen we samen met het Crossbridge-team een week lang geen vlees eten.  Wist je dat de helft van de dieren uiteindelijk op iemand’s bord terecht komt? Wij willen hier alvast deze week iets aan veranderen, want alle beetjes helpen!