Talent Attraction

Do you believe in the added value of young talent in your company? Do you want to attract employees who identify with your corporate culture, vision and plans for the future? And do you see attitude, personality and motivation as an intrinsic part of this? Then we’re on the same page. Yes, employees should get the opportunity to develop their practical knowledge and skills, but first and foremost, their attitude and expectations should be perfectly in line with everything you stand for.

It is only natural that we at Crossbridge don’t just provide you with a selection of CVs and then leave you to choose a candidate by yourself. We are more than that. We are your trusted advisor. Before we even start looking for any candidates, we first get to know your corporate culture through and through and have a look at your plans for the future and your mission. This information then helps us in our quest for the perfect candidate: talented, young, ambitious, and with the right attitude and personality for your company. 

So where and how do we actually find these candidates? How do we start our search? Our success can partly be traced back to our numerous valuable contacts – student organisations, universities and university colleges – who provide us with unique inside information. They are what keeps us in touch with a large part of the student population. It goes without saying that any candidates we propose have the required degree and work experience. But we go beyond that. What we aim to find out is what makes them who they are. What drives them? What do they want? And ultimately, in what corporate culture will they thrive? Are they the right candidate for you?

On top of our contacts in education, we also have a thorough knowledge of HR and the business as a whole. For every search, we do not only turn to HR managers, but to management in general. After all, they are the future managers of the talent that we seek.

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